Conforming Loan Limit Values 2023 Announces by FHFA

The standard loan limit for a one-unit home has increased from $647,200 in 2022 to $726,200 in 2023.

seasonally adjusted and extended data, home prices increased by an average of 12.21% between the third quarter of 2021 and 2022.

For areas where 115% of the area's median value exceeds the Benchmark Conforming Lending Limit.

The lending limit will be above the Benchmark Conforming Lending Limit.

The new loan limit for a single family home will be $1,089,300, or 150% of $726,200.

Special regulations establish different loan limits for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the US Virgin Islands.

In these areas, the loan limit will be $1,089,300 for one property.