The price of a KTM Duke motorcycle can vary depending on the model, location, and other factors.

As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the KTM Duke range includes models

such as the 125 Duke, 200 Duke, 250 Duke, 390 Duke, and 790 Duke.

 the starting price for a KTM Duke motorcycle in India ranges from around 1.5 lakhs for the 125 Duke to around 3.1 lakhs for the 790 Duke (ex-showroom prices).

Prices may vary depending on the specific variant, location, and other factors.

KTM RC 200- ₹ 2,09,239 Ex-showroom Price

The minimum down payment for KTM RC 200 is ₹ 20,924.

The EMI for KTM RC 200 starts from ₹ 6,754.