Tesla has said that its electric truck would be under 19 feet long.

The Tesla Cybertruck, reasonably a pre-creation variant, is seen surrounding Gigafactory Texas.

On one edge, it passes by what has all the earmarks of being a dark Portage F-250 Super Obligation,

An enormous truck by its own doing, left in the center of convergence.

The Passage F-150 Lightning is 19.3 feet (232.7 inches) long and has a 5.5-foot bed (67 inches).

The F-250 Super Obligation in the picture above is probably a short-wheelbase group taxi rendition

 Estimating 20.8 feet long (250 inches), including its 6.75 feet bed, according to Passage's site.

Cybertruck seems extraordinarily close to the routinely planned F-250 Super Obligation, which has a customary three-box outline.

Its stainless steel exoskeleton, sharply raked windshield, and beveled rear section appears unique.