The normal cost of utilized EVs has gone down to $39,156, a 38.9 percent drop contrasted with the year before

In the quickest offering 1 to 5-year-old utilized EVs classification, the Tesla Model Y hybrid positions most noteworthy

With a normal of 47.6 days available and a normal cost of $46,067

The Nissan Leaf is in runner-up, with 51.3 days available and a normal cost of $20,473.

While the Tesla Model 3 - the American EV brand's generally reasonable model - is in third spot.

Its normal of 51.8 days spent available at a typical cost of $35,039.

according to, utilized ICE vehicles burning through 38.9 days available by and large, a 26 percent increment contrasted with last year

At a typical cost of $32,249, down from last year's $38,839.